We were recently approached to help promote the SEEDrs campaign for iBAN, a new digital wallet offer amongst other things.  I caught up with co-founder Marc Hurr to ask a bit more about the offering and how they will market this tool online. Lets dive in...

What does iBAN do?

iBAN is aiming to build a marketplace where users will be able to invest directly in someone else’s loan. Search by country, sector, risk, or return and put your money in something that you actually believe in - potentially earning some returns in the process.

The goal is to allow the borrowers of the iBAN community to request financing for their projects, and for the investors to build their own tangible diversified portfolios.

Note that when investing your capital is at risk and you can get back less than you invested.

Who are your customers?

Our answer to this one isn’t just “millennials”, one of the recent canned marketing buzzword favourites. We’re going for a cross-section which caters for the non-tech savvy generation as well - because we believe that’s where the mass market is right now.

Is this a consumer or business offering?

Initially, we intend for this to be a consumer offering.

How do you / will you market to them?

We’re a tech company, so we’re gonna be SEO and SEM-ing our way into your lives. Coming soon to a pop-up near you!

It is still a very complicated space for most people, how do you explain what is it you do and the benefits of having a digital wallet?

Even only recently, when people wanted to send money to someone they had to take an afternoon aside to walk to the bank with their personal ID and request the transfer in person. Nowadays you can pull your phone out of your pocket and do it with a couple of swipes of your fingers while watching Netflix. Does that answer your question?

What will the digital wallet allow users to do?

The ultimate goal of iBAN is to build a financial supermarket right into your phone. When suitably adapted with modern cybersecurity technology, a mobile phone app is perhaps the best channel currently out there to do your banking on. iBAN aims to become your one-stop-shop for anything financial. That would include international transfers, investments, loans, debit and credit cards, and even yummy addictive statistics.

Are you looking partner with a traditional financial institution to create distribution?

To create distribution, no. We do however intend to work with a fintech-friendly traditional financial institution to help provide our services.

How can people find out more?

We are running a Seedrs campaign and our equity is up for sale! Find out more information here: ibanwallet.ibanonline.com. 

About iBAN

iBAN Wallet is a money management App that helps you control your finances, connects lenders and borrowers and facilitates the transfer of money between you and your friends. See: https://ibanwallet.ibanonline.com/

iBAN Online Limited is an Appointed Representative of Resolution Compliance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN. 574048).


About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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