Facebook Lead Ads

By Jason Hulott | Facebook Ads, Facebook Lead Generation, Lead Generation

We are working with a number of clients who want to drive traffic and leads from Facebook in the Insurance and Finance space, and have been using Facebook Leads for the last 3 or 4 weeks. This is a[…]

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Lead Buying or Lead Generating

By Jason Hulott | Lead Buying, Lead Generating, Lead Generation, lead generation

If your business needs leads to survive, then you have two main ways of driving them. You can buy leads in from lead generation companies, or you can generate leads yourself. From property, to[…]

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Local broker for local people

By Jason Hulott | local broker marketing, Articles

One of the strange things about the Internet is that while it gives you access to literally anything, anywhere on the Globe, it can also be a great way to find stuff that is very local to you. In[…]

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Social Media Content Planning

By Jason Hulott | Social Media, Social Media Content Planning

One way that will help you maintain posting content on your social media platforms will be to find and distribute other companies' stories and news. You can become a filter for news in your industry[…]

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7 reasons insurance companies should be embracing social media

By Jason Hulott | insurance and socia media, Social Media, social media

With more and more people using mobile devices and social media to stay connected to the Internet, if you have not started to look at a social media strategy for your insurance business, then you[…]

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Insurance Web Content Marketing

By Jason Hulott | Insurance Web Content Marketing, Web Content

Are you looking for ways to get more traffic and sales from your website?

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Keyword ideas for PPC and SEO – Car Dealers and Car Finance Lenders

By Jason Hulott | traffic generation, Articles, Car Dealers PPC, Car Finance Lenders, Car loan lenders, Car Loan PPC

This will be what we hope to be a start of an ongoing set of articles aimed at helping you come up with ideas for keywords based on data.

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Web enabling niche insurance schemes

By Jason Hulott | Web enabling niche insurance schemes, Articles

A recent survey carried out by UKGeneral highlights a few things of interest from a marketing point of view. While there survey was a look at the scheme market[…]

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The use of video in online insurance buying decisions

By Jason Hulott | online insurance videos, online video, Articles

With the use of video being a popular digital marketing tool, we wanted to understand the impact of using video for influencing general online purchases and then for the purchase of insurance in[…]

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Why your insurance business could benefit from more than one website

By Jason Hulott | Insurance business, Articles

If you are looking at ways to drive more web traffic and then convert that into revenue for your business, then having more than one website could be something to consider.

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