Email marketing for insurance companies

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, email marketing for insurance companies, Articles

Isn’t it frustrating that you have launched a new product or written a new blog post and it gets no traffic?

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Google Trends – how to use Google to help you create an editorial content calendar or marketing plan

By Jason Hulott | Content Planning, Editorial Plan, Google Trends, Marketing plan, Articles

Do you need help with figuring out what to write about and when, or maybe you need ideas on what the state of your niche looks like across the year to help you construct a marketing plan?

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How to prevent online insurance quote abandonment

By Jason Hulott | conversion rate, quote abandonment, retargetting, Articles

While it is one thing to drive traffic, it is quite another to ensure that that traffic is of the right quality and also that it converts into sales. This article takes a quick look at how to improve[…]

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Pay Per Click – there is more to PPC than Google Adwords

By Jason Hulott | Pay Per Click Marketing, Articles

Google Adwords is synonymous with pay per click marketing and for most people in the Insurance or Finance industry, this means you may feel you will be priced out of the market - especially when you[…]

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Use the WP Calculators plugin to drive more enquiries

By Jason Hulott | Finance Calculators, GetResponse, Insurance Calculators, ThriveLeads, WP Calculators, Articles

If you have downloaded the free insurance and finance calculators plugin we offer, WP calculators, here is a quick tip to take them to the next level and help you drive more subscribers or enquiries.

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CMA takes enforcement action against fake online reviews

By Jason Hulott | Articles

The CMA has published the outcome on an investigation into a search engine optimisation company in connection with potential fake reviews.

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Affiliate Marketing – How to earn extra revenues by adding or promoting secondary products

By Jason Hulott | Promoting affiliate products, affiliate marketing, Articles

Affiliate marketing can be used by businesses to increase the reach of their own products by running their own affiliate marketing programme. However, companies should also look at the other side of[…]

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Location based PPC

By Jason Hulott | Articles

If you type any kind of location based insurance search term in to Google, the majority of results will still be major players. Typically, these will not be focussed on local terms but actually using[…]

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Not all form systems are created equal

By Jason Hulott | Enquiry Forms, Forms, Forms systems, Articles

In the last 12 months we have worked on a large number of site redevelopments or redesigns and one of the key factors in the success of these projects was something you rarely think about. The forms.

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Insurtech - Feeding the Machine

By Jason Hulott | Insuretech, Insurtech, Online marketing, Articles

There has been a huge uplift in the amount being written about Insurtech as innovation in the Insurance space tries to play catch up with its Fintech big brother. There have been a number of funding[…]

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