5 Wordpress Plugins for Affiliates

By Jason Hulott | wordpress plugins, affiliates

Here are a number of Wordpress plugins you can use to drive more traffic to your affiliate offers while maintaining your sites core purpose of promoting your own products and services.

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Affiliate Recipe - Affilibots - The automated affiliate recipe

By Jason Hulott | affiliate marketing, affiliates

With the rising popularity in AI and business owners being able to use messenger bots and chatbots to deal with a whole raft of enquiries.

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Affiliate Programme Management Black Friday Offers

By Jason Hulott | affiliate marketing, affiliates

So the affiliate management software Black Friday deals have well and truly started. I wanted to keep them all in one place - so will keep this page updated.  If you are considering an affiliate[…]

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How to run an affiliate programme

By Jason Hulott | affiliate marketing, Affiliate Programmes, affiliates

Affiliate marketing can be a very effective way for insurance firms to win more business. If you want to see if you can benefit from this form of marketing, here is a complete guide to getting[…]

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