Interview with Marc Hurr of iBAN

By Jason Hulott | Digital Wallet, iBan, Marc Hurr, Articles

We were recently approached to help promote the SEEDrs campaign for iBAN, a new digital wallet offer amongst other things.  I caught up with co-founder Marc Hurr to ask a bit more about the offering[…]

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The Online Marketing of Rock

By Jason Hulott | Marketing of Rock, Online marketing, Samarkind, The Online Marketing of Rock, Articles

It is amazing the connections we make on Facebook, as much as we all whine about it from time to time. Without Facebook I would certainly not been interviewing the lead singer of one of the up and[…]

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You're the CEO not the SEO

By Jason Hulott | Keywords, Search Terms, seo, Articles

In recent weeks, I have attended lot of meetings to discuss marketing activity for 2018. One thing that has come up time and time again is SEO - and one of the pet peeves we have here is being[…]

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Tracking and Reporting – Google Analytics

By Jason Hulott | Google Analytics Dashboards, Articles

One advantage of digital marketing is the ability to track and report on all activity. With this ability you can easily see where your traffic is coming from, what it is doing, and where it is going.

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Leveraging Other Peoples’ Content

By Jason Hulott | Content Leverage, Leveraging Other Peoples’ Content, Articles

The one thing we need to talk about is leveraging other people's content, leveraging other people's traffic and their success online. One of the easiest ways to, for example, get to number one or[…]

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Facebook lead ads and integrating with your current CRM system

By Jason Hulott | CRM, Facebook Lead Ads, Leadsbridge, Social Media, Articles

Facebook ads can be a great way to drive relevant niche leads to your business. In fact, it is something we are using a lot right now. One potential upside is being able to send the leads[…]

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Content marketing ideas for insurance brokers

By Jason Hulott | content marketing ideas, Web Content, Articles

Content is one of the main ways to boost your online marketing efforts and stand you apart from your competitors. The more effort put into content, the better your return is likely to be.

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Facebook Chat Bots and Your Business

By Jason Hulott | ChatBots, ChatFuel, Facebook ChatBots, Insurance Chatbots, ManyChat, Articles

Are bots the compliant way to run client social media communication in the insurance industry?

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Local broker for local people

By Jason Hulott | local broker marketing, Articles

One of the strange things about the Internet is that while it gives you access to literally anything, anywhere on the Globe, it can also be a great way to find stuff that is very local to you. In[…]

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Keyword ideas for PPC and SEO – Car Dealers and Car Finance Lenders

By Jason Hulott | traffic generation, Articles, Car Dealers PPC, Car Finance Lenders, Car loan lenders, Car Loan PPC

This will be what we hope to be a start of an ongoing set of articles aimed at helping you come up with ideas for keywords based on data.

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