Email data and email marketing campaigns

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, finance email marketing, insurance email marketing, Lead Generation

We now have a wide range of options providing insurance and finance brokers offering niche schemes with access to email databases. So if you are looking at a quick way to get your insurance scheme or[…]

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Why you should send a monthly email newsletter

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, email newsletter, email templates, Lead Generation

One thing of the main activities we suggest all clients do is look for the quick wins in their business - and one of the quickest is to ensure they use their email database.

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Email marketing for insurance companies

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, email marketing for insurance companies, Articles

Isn’t it frustrating that you have launched a new product or written a new blog post and it gets no traffic?

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Are you using email as part of your online marketing strategy?

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, online marketing strategy, Articles

Emails are still a great way to market, and they will remain effective as long as people use email. Social media may be growing in popularity as a way to communicate, but checking emails is still an[…]

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Email marketing ideas for insurance brokers

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, insurance email marketing, Articles

Despite all the new forms of online marketing that have appeared in recent years, email marketing is not going anywhere.

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Online insurance marketing techniques

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, guest posting, native advertising, retargeting, social media marketing, Articles, Blogs

Insurance is a competitive market online, and marketing is often an essential activity for anyone in this industry. Online marketing techniques are popular because many of them are affordable and[…]

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Diversify your Traffic Sources

By Jason Hulott | email marketing, site advertising, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, Articles

I was reading an article by Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde and this quote leap out at me and got me thinking:

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