Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

By Jason Hulott | Social Media, social media marketing

Social media has profoundly changed the way we all use the internet, and that includes how businesses interact with their customers.

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7 Steps for Improving Your Social Media Ads

By Jason Hulott | Social Media, social media advertising

Paid social media can offer great returns on investment (ROI) and connect you to the right audiences with laser precision. That, of course, presumes you are using the platform correctly. Otherwise,[…]

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LinkedIn Connections: Quality or Quantity?

By Jason Hulott | linkedin, Social Media, B2B Social Media

One of the things we see lots of clients now trying to do is to leverage their networks. One way to do this using LinkedIn (especially) is to actually make sure that the connections you have are[…]

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Facebook lead ads and integrating with your current CRM system

By Jason Hulott | CRM, Facebook Lead Ads, Leadsbridge, Social Media, Articles

Facebook ads can be a great way to drive relevant niche leads to your business. In fact, it is something we are using a lot right now. One potential upside is being able to send the leads[…]

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Social media – where are my customers?

By Jason Hulott | facebook, linkedin, Social Media, social media marketing


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Social Media Content Planning

By Jason Hulott | Social Media, Social Media Content Planning

One way that will help you maintain posting content on your social media platforms will be to find and distribute other companies' stories and news. You can become a filter for news in your industry[…]

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7 reasons insurance companies should be embracing social media

By Jason Hulott | insurance and socia media, Social Media, social media

With more and more people using mobile devices and social media to stay connected to the Internet, if you have not started to look at a social media strategy for your insurance business, then you[…]

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Beginner's guide to LinkedIn marketing options

By Jason Hulott | LinkedIn Marketing, Social Media

LinkedIn has become a hugely important website for the business community in recent years. For insurance and financial businesses targeting other businesses, it is also a fantastic marketing tool.

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Important things to keep in mind when writing blog posts

By Jason Hulott | Social Media

When writing blog posts for your business blog, there are a number of things that you may want to keep in mind to ensure that your blogging strategy is as successful as possible. Here are a few of[…]

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Tips to get more out of your social media integration with your blog

By Jason Hulott | Social Media

Social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses which want to improve their online presences. If you have a website and blog and you want to make sure that you are attracting a good[…]

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